Friday, August 20, 2010

It's the election day

Today is the election day in Australia. In front of every booth party workers are cheerfully distributing leaflets. Media analysis assumes that, Liberals have a very strong chance to win over the parliament. Ms Gillard, apparently lagging behind for here story of betrayal and harshness also admitted that if the public pole is okay, then it's time to bid the chair goodbye on behalf of the Labors.

Green leaders could rise as a force in the situation when Labors and leaders were at each other's throat. But alas, they seem not confident enough on themselves and declared to lend Labors their preferential vote. And Socialist Alliance that is neglected all through the media exposures are there with their own agenda.

I wish the third force other than Labors or Leaders would rise and earn more people's confidence.

By the way, I have to add this line: Ginger anodyne clears the palate.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The myth of policy change in Australia

Rudd has ended up in tear and Gillard has risen with a strong face. The first surprise by the Gillard government was not really a surprise. Because it was expected that the mining tax will be dealt with a new vision. And so does it happen.
The controversial mining tax that was telling that super profit makers must pay super tax was kind of strong step to invite controversy. Many was suspecting from then that something bad may happen. Of course the coup in the Labor Party was the last thing that anyone could think of. What was the case anyway?
One day before the 'Judgement day', Rudd was talking about facing challenge. Next day he just kept his head low and walked out! Labor leaders publicly was telling that they had unanimous decision in the meeting. And then some of the major leaders came to agree that they had a very little idea about the fact. So what was the magic there?

Surprisingly all the analysis, from left to ultra-right, are pretty much same on this issue. Rudd's failure to respond to Carbon emission incidences, house insulation blunder, mining tax- these are the factors that influenced the situation. Tonny Abott was quite like a leftist leader to say that'They have changed the salesman not the product.' Good for him to realise that.

Everyone understands that the policy are remaining same but the myth has created to establish that Labor Party is not as it were under Rudd. So what's the difference it creates by letting miners pay as earlier? Is it that Gillard is atheist and does not like same sex marriage?

Well, that does not make any sense.