Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magic of media

Media has developed the `make belief’ theory to a new style of art. Audio visual effect has thousand times more potentiality than a Goebles (press secretary of Hitler). With its magical touch we learn what we should like or how we should think. Now wait a minute! You can say. There are lots of programs, lot of views, why don’t you choose your own! Well I cant choose because when choices are given so purposively that you must choose between black and white and would never know whether there are other colors like `red’ exist or not. Take the US election for example. Who do you favor among the candidates? Obama or McCain? But we are never informed about the number of candidates in this election. We will never know there are even communist and socialist candidates also campaigning in favor of their own ideologies. Though there came names like Giluani, it is for fun, like a comic relief in a serious movie. Again objection may be raised- people are behind them, so media is just following the people there. First, people are fed up with them. The current crisis appeared under the blunt rule of Bush, but the cause emerged under the sophisticated rule of Clinton. He managed the law to come into force so that the investment bank could also deal loans. US state have to give a lot of thought to assure its people to come to the booth on the election day. One fourth of the people are yet to be registered to vote. Top Hollywood stars participated in a campaign to inspire people to register. Such fallacy of so called biggest democratic state! Their people are not convinced to participate in the voting process. But what the media bringing out? The mass participation, thrilling debates, amount of fund, glamour of Hillary and all those eye diverting stuff. The truth is even people of United States of America cant earn the faith of its very people.

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