Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seven verses for Afghanistan


"By means of this sacrifice, I call …"

-Texts from Avesta.

The first monotheistic religion that had laid its influences later on all powerful religions like Christian, Judaism and Islam, had that call to its believers. Zoroastrianism follows Avesta and Zoroastrianism originated in Afghanistan. Maybe the legend has returned to its land in a new context and dimension.


The presidential election has not officially produced any result yet. But every stones are being turned to establish a pre decided set up. It is assumed that Karzai is not the only choice now. He would be tagged with Abdullah in the form of a coalition to keep the US control more tightly. 50% is the threshold to legitimate the election. Militants did the best to keep the casting vote below that point and the administration along with the media keeps trying to project a successful election ever took place in Afghan history. But all the claims become mess with everyday bomb blasting.

Bombs are blasting everyday in Afghanistan on NATO forces. ‘Guardianing’ the democracy seems to be in danger there. Air strikes, shooting the mass or interrogating in prisons- nothing can keep the bombs away from the most equipped and modern forces of the time.


Afghan Election Commission still has more than 2,000 claims of fraud to investigate. Some of them are serious enough to postpone the election. Bags of ballot papers have been presented to the commission those proved that real winning of a candidate had been hijacked by the Karzai supporters. Foreign observers in Southern part declared that there were only 5 to 10 percent casting of votes but the Government claims 40 percent. Former planning minister Ramazan Bashardost said: “This is not an election. This is a comedy.”

Claims of Iran’s election forgery were recent headlines in the media. US reaction to that news was very much sharp and harsh; they could not tolerate such humiliation of democracy! But for Afghanistan, the humiliation is a great step! Mr. Obama said, this was an important step forward in the Afghan people’s effort to take control of their future.


Long beard, a piece of cloth tied on the head, short pajamas and guns in hands- that’s a typical Afghan face that has been in our mind for decades after decades. Mainstream media gives us the impression that there are bunch of barbaric fundamentalist hooligans had been ruling; at last the NATO force managed to rescue the poor inhabitants of the country.

A few remembers the glorious history of Afghans. Their land sheltered human kind of species even fifty thousand years ago. Later it was a place where great languages and thoughts emerged and gave the world directions. The well known ancient Indian civilization can no way deny that, the land was a gateway to new era. It was like bonding the east and the west. In the brutal ages of UK imperialist aggressions around the globe the people of Afghanistan stood bravely for independence. And we also like to remember that the present militant armed forces were brainchild of US strategy deriving from socialist mania. And the Soviet must take responsibilities for the mess it caused. Even their political philosophy cannot validate the atrocities they made in the land on the plea to resist imperialist forces. Anyway Afghans were always like stakes of pawns to global politics. The saga seems has not come to end yet.


Taliban did not face any criticism by US or Western big forces when they gave the world an experience of one of the most horrifying holocaust in 1996; not even their ‘middle age rules’ were condemned. It took the ‘Twin Tower’ fall to be alarmed. US took NATO in their armpits and air strikes just devastated the country to the earth in 2001. From then on NATO forces are there to keep the ‘peace’ they injected. In 2002, this Hamid Karzai was selected as interim president and then full president in 2004 to rule the land for NATO. The election of 2004 was also a show of forgery where 15 among 23 of the candidates boycotted the ballot. Multiple voting, taking control of the election centers were common scenario of the election. Journalist Christian Parenti claimed that many people in Afghanistan were in possession of three or four photographic ID cards. He himself, not an Afghan citizen, could have easily voted. "One of the parties gave me two valid voting cards," he said "that I could add my photograph to and I could have voted if I wanted to."


Tens of thousands of US and NATO troops are in Afghanistan. And Obama administration is particularly more interested in war of Afghanistan then in Iraq as they declared openly after US election. And it was surprising that, unrest conditions grew in and along the border of Pakistan right after that expression of interest! The why not predict the recent anomaly as a part of US global plan targeting the South East Asia, one of the most geo-strategically vital region?

Troops are there for near about half a decade but still there are bombs, there are killings. Nature of the resistance is another question but the reality is ‘Peace Keeping Mission’ is keeping the peace out of the mission.


Ahura Mazda, the holy creator in the Avesta called for sacrifice to fight the injustice. Many a time passed after that. Rivers had changed courses, winds had brought heat. But the land has the time hear the call now from 4000 years back. Lets take Ahura Mazda as a symbol for Afghan freedom.

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